Meet Your Brooklyn Bartenders Presented by Jura Brooklyn Whisky: John O’Brien


As Brooklynites, we have an affinity for our local watering holes and the bartenders there who know how we take our drink.  Here at Brooklyn Happening, we LOVE celebrating these people and hearing their stories.  Along with our sponsor, Jura Brooklyn Whisky who collaborated with Brooklyn locals to create the best whisky in the borough, we are spotlighting our favorite bartenders and sharing their interviews with you.  Cheers!

Ceol Pub owner Loretta Heaney

Ceol Pub owner Loretta Heaney

Meet John O’Brien!  He’s a bartender at Ceol Pub and Grill in Boerum Hill on Smith Street.  If you haven’t visited Ceol as of yet, imagine walking off of Smith Street right into a pub in the heart of Ireland!  The bar was founded by Loretta Heaney who moved to Brooklyn from Dublin in 1997, and she says Ceol is her “bit of Ireland in Brooklyn”.  They serve the perfect balance of Irish and Brooklyn brews and it’s also the perfect place to watch your favorite NFL Team, as they have every game on their big screens!  To keep up with all events happening at Ceol, check their Facebook page HERE.  John gives us a first hand glimpse into working at Ceol.

BH: So John, how long have you lived in Brooklyn?

JO: About 7 months, and have been working at Ceol for about the same amount of time. I moved here from Ireland.

BH: Awesome!  What’s the best thing about working at Ceol?

JO:  It’s very social.  You meet a lot of people, and can have some good conversations.

BH:  Any funny stories from behind the bar?

JO: There was a girl who was doing cartwheels in front of a band that was performing here, but she forgot her panties…  She kept hugging me and asking for tequila.  She was having a great time!  We also have karaoke on Saturday nights which is always entertaining, trivia on Tuesdays and stand up comedy on Thursdays.

BH:  How’s the Comedy?

JO: It’s great actually!  It’s funny and it draws a pretty good crowd.

BH:  Are there any drinks that you like making or don’t like making?

JO:  I like making them all really!  As long as I don’t have to make too many at once.

BH: What drink would you whip up for us using Jura Brooklyn?

JO: I would mix Jura Brooklyn with Seven Up and garnish it with a lemon and lime.  Simple, but good.

BH: That sounds good!  Thanks so much for talking to us, John!  Make sure you follow @JuraWhiskyUS to keep up with all things #JuraBrooklyn!  In case you missed our other two bartender interviews with Sean from O’Keefe’s, you can catch it HERE or with Anastasia from The Bridges, check it out HERE.