Join Happenings Media

Your friends are constantly asking you what’s going on in town this weekend.

If there is a new restaurant in town, everyone asks what you thought because they know you will have tried it on opening day.

You are well-connected in town and people consider you a local expert.

Sound a lot like you? You are a local tastemaker, and becoming a Happening Mag Manager may be right for you. As a Happening Mag Manager, you have the opportunity to share your local knowledge with thousands of local readers. With the strength of the HM network, your local know-how will PAY!

Happening Mag Managers are responsible for:

  • Editorial: Create the stories that get the town talking! Develop, write, edit and publish content on an ongoing basis for your region’s Happening Mag.
  • Publicity: Promote the Happening Mag website and all of its contents (articles, event calendar, contests, etc) via social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. You’ll be the on-the-ground resource to find ways to expand the magazine’s reach within the community.
  • Partnership with Happenings Media: Work with the HM National on select projects and campaigns.
  • Brand Awareness: Work to ensure local businesses know about your Happening Mag.

Candidate should have the following qualities:

  • Strong writing and editing skills as it relates to lifestyle content, using a voice that your community can relate to.
  • An understanding of the internet and the ability to learn how to publish articles via the Happening Mag interface.
  • An understanding of social media and the ability to harness its power.
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player
  • Professionalism is a must.

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