Meet Your Brooklyn Bartenders Presented by Jura Brooklyn Whisky: Anastasia Kopylova

the bridges

As Brooklynites, we have an affinity for our local watering holes and the bartenders there who know how we take our drink.  Here at Brooklyn Happening, we LOVE celebrating these people and hearing their stories.  Along with our sponsor, Jura Brooklyn Whisky who collaborated with Brooklyn locals to create the best whisky in the borough, we are spotlighting our favorite bartenders and sharing their interviews with you.  Cheers!

Meet Anastasia Kopylova, a bartender at The Bridges at 66 Water Street in DUMBO!  The Bridges opened this past June, and features 14 flat screen TVs, two pool tables, and according to Anastasia, a fully stocked bar!  Enjoy their happy hour specials, watching the big game (or multiple at once!), or join them for Taco Trivia Tuesday!  Anastasia fills us in on her first hand experience at The Bridges:

BH: How long have you been living in Brooklyn, Anastasia?

AK: About 6 months.  I really like the crowd and the atmosphere here, it’s different.

BH: What do you enjoy most about working at The Bridges?

AK: I like how it looks and how it’s set up.  Its big and spacious, but two or three of us can work the bar.  We have a full stocked bar of liquor so we can make any drink.  It’s still a fairly new bar, it’s cool.  We get a lot of regulars from the neighborhood.

BH: Any good stories from being behind the bar?

AK: The World Cup just recently passed, which was great!  We showed it on our TVs.  It was very loud, very energetic and fun.  There was a big crowd of Brazilians here for one of the games.  They were playing drums and cheering, getting wild.  It was so much fun!

BH:  Are there any drinks that you like making or don’t like making?

AK:  I like making margaritas, they are really good here and fun to make.  I do not like making kamikazes or zombies.  They are too big, there are way to many ingredients in those that I have to remember!

BH: What drink would you whip up for us using Jura Brooklyn?

AK: A Manhattan!  I would put in Jura Brooklyn Whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters and a cherry to garnish.  Shake it up and serve it over ice.

BH: We’ll order one of those then!  Sounds delish.  Make sure you stop by to see Anastasia at The Bridges for a Jura Brooklyn Manhattan, and follow @JuraWhiskyUS to keep up with all things #JuraBrooklyn!  In case you missed our first bartender interview with Sean from O’Keefe’s, you can catch it HERE!