Meet the Makers: Jordan Weiss is based in Brooklyn, NY and dedicated to presenting local, Brooklyn-made products — fashion, home décor, apothecary, children’s toys, and edibles— all of the highest possible quality. Started with a simple idea, to uncover and offer well designed, hand-made, hard to find goods made in the borough we love – Brooklyn that we wanted ourselves.

Boroughmakers is a celebration of the handcrafted goods made by local makers right in our neighborhood. One of the most exciting aspects of creating Boroughmakers is the I have gotten to know the innovative makers and artisans who have turned their passion for quality and well-designed goods into a way of life.  I am in awe of their focus, resourcefulness and talent.

In this month’s editorial, “Meet the Makers” Boroughmakers is pleased to take a personal look at a Maker in the Making, Brooklyn artist, Jordan Weiss. Jordan is a fine arts student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jordan is focusing much of her work on printmaking and sculpture.

Meet Jordan Weiss, Maker in the Making


Jordan, who was born in New York City and now lives in studying painting, sculpture and printmaking,. Right now she finds printmaking to be most relevant and says, “It is the appropriate means to express the ideas I wanted to share. “For me, it was about learning the process of isolating concepts, refining the form, and translating it through a medium that was enjoyable to work with”

Many of Jordan’s prints are abstract in nature. Jordan thinks that some of my abstract prints are possibly influenced by my interest in sculpture. They do speak to a certain mechanical, structured process that nature embodies. I think sculpture deals with dimension, texture, and space. These are elements that I strive to carry through in some of my prints.unnamed-3

When asked about her inspiration, Jordan is quick to say that her love of art comes from living and breathing Brooklyn. Jordan says, “ I walk out of my apartment and I pass creative furniture makers, galleries and street art all of which gives me more ideas for my art.”

Recently, Jordan had her first show in Madison, Wisconsin and this summer she is hoping to display her work in a studio here in Brooklyn.

Art and artists are alive in the borough of Brooklyn. Innovative is alive and well in Brooklyn!

Author: Barbara Devaney is the founder of, a DUMBO, Brooklyn based start-up ecommerce business which features the best and most innovative handcrafted, small-batch products made by local makers from the borough of Brooklyn. Barbara is native New Yorker, who now lives in the most vibrant borough of Brooklyn.