7 Reasons You Should Get Lasik in 2017


MedSpaWith 2017 well under way, a lot of people still haven’t jumped at the chance to start on a clean slate.

Personal resolutions can be anything, whether you want to lose weight or quit a bad habit, but not many people consider getting themselves better vision. With the help of a great doctor and a quick procedure known as LASIK you can be on your way to crisp and clear vision. See why you should give yourself the gift of better eyesight in 2016.

  1. Better Vision. If you’ve ever even considered LASIK, chances are you have less than great vision. Whether your poor vision is caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism; you’re more than likely an ideal candidate for LASIK. With the help of LASIK, you can achieve 20/20 vision.
  2. More Active Lifestyle. Glasses and contacts can prove to be bothersome when you are always on the go or heavily involved in sports. For instance, it’s not possible to swim with glasses – and it’s highly recommended that you not wear contacts underwater. No matter what type of physical activity you’re into, LASIK makes living an active lifestyle even easier.
  3. More Freedom. Have you ever misplaced your glasses and were unable to find them because you couldn’t see without them? Or maybe your contact solution made a mess in your suitcase after a trip. With perfect vision, you won’t find yourself stressing over annoying scenarios like these anymore.
  4. Higher Self-Esteem. You’ve probably had at least one uncomfortable experience in your life because of your glasses. Maybe you felt insecure on prom night, or were just embarrassed having to wear 3D glasses over your spectacles at the movies. While having bad vision isn’t anything to be ashamed of, ditching your glasses can be a big game changer in terms of self confidence.
  5. Save Money. While LASIK might seem expensive initially, there are financing options you can consider to help make the cost more manageable. Ultimately, investing in LASIK will actually save you money in the long-run since you won’t have to pay for glasses or contacts any longer.
  6. Fashion-Forward. There are a lot of stylish glasses available, but it can be difficult coordinating your outfits and personal style with your every-day specs. Plus, people who only wear glasses are restricted to prescription sunglasses – which can be pretty costly. With 20/20 vision, you can pick up a pair of inexpensive sunglasses at the store and see out of them perfectly without having them clash with your outfit.
  7. Wake Up Seeing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to sleep and not have to worry about waking up the next morning in a hazy setting? Just imagine being able to watch the sunrise in the morning without struggling to reach for your glasses or putting in your contact lenses. No matter what you do when you wake up, LASIK can make your morning routine so much easier.

2de504e2-fb54-413f-92d1-d8501e74edcbSo, what are you waiting for? Start making moves on your 2016 resolutions today by scheduling a consultation with the LASIK experts at Dello Russo Laser Vision. It’s better late than never!