Meet your Brooklyn Bartenders Presented by Jura Brooklyn Whisky: Sean Leyden

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juraAs Brooklynites, we have an affinity for our local watering holes and the bartenders there who know how we take our drink.  Here at Brooklyn Happening, we LOVE celebrating these people and hearing their stories.  Along with our sponsor, Jura Brooklyn Whisky who collaborated with Brooklyn locals to create the best whisky in the borough, we are spotlighting our favorite bartenders and sharing their interviews with you.  Cheers!

First up! Meet Sean Leyden of O‘Keefe’s Bar and Grill (Brooklyn Heights, 64 Court Street):

BarGrillBH: How long have you been living in Brooklyn

SL: Since 2007, I’ve been at O’Keefe’s for about 2 years.

BH: What do you enjoy most about working at O’Keefe’s?

SL: It’s simple, it’s laid back, we get a lot of regulars.  At the same time, it can feel like a mini Manhattan in here.  We have a lot of offices around us so we can get really busy for happy hour or if their is a big game on.  We’re also close to The Fulton Street Mall and the movie theater, so we get a good crowd.

BH: Any good stories from being behind the bar?

SL: Like I said, we get a lot of regulars.  We have these three guys that come in all the time who have been coming in since the bar first opened up a long time ago.  They are great to talk to or watch a baseball game with, they love baseball.  We also have  guy who comes in, he’s in his residency, he’s studying to be a doctor.  He drinks Coors Light by the keg.  He’s been known to order like 20 pizzas for the whole bar.  We have a lot of fun, he’s awesome.

BH: What drink would you whip up for us using Jura Brooklyn?

SL: I would make a Jura Brooklyn Spiced Tea.  I would mix Jura Brooklyn with fresh lemon and lime juice.  I would add a little sugar and spice and serve it over ice.  That would be good.

BH: Yum!  Make sure you stop by for a Jura Brooklyn Spiced Tea with Sean, and follow @JuraWhiskyUS to keep up with all things #JuraBrooklyn!