3 Brooklyn Eighth Graders Sign With Sony Music

unlocking the truthMalcolm Brickhouse (13), Alec Atkins (13), and Jarad Dawkins (12) just scored an opportunity of a lifetime with Sony Music!  Their heavy metal band, Unlocking The Truth, signed on for a two album record deal, with their first record promising an advance of $60,000 and the second advance could be as much as $350,000.  The contract also included a possibility of four more albums to follow.  If Sony produces all six albums, the boys could be collecting $1.7 million in advances!  Unlocking The Truth has most recently performed all over the country including the main stage at Coachella and opened for Guns N’ Roses in Las Vegas.  They will also be performing at The Vans Warped Tour 2014, opening for Queens of The Stone Age.  The group of friends say met in pre-school.  Their inspiration for their music came from the background music in the anime shows they were watching.  They started performing all around the city together and while performing in Washington Square Park in 2012, they were discovered by Eric Clapton’s drummer.  For more information on the band, visit their website- http://www.unlockingthetruthband.com/


photo credit- Rolling Stone