Unorthodox Team Building for You and Your Coworkers


It can be difficult bonding with your coworkers, particularly since the office isn’t meant to be a social environment.

Just because heavy socializing is frowned upon on-the-clock, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to socialize off-the-clock. While your workday may end and leave you feeling like you cannot wait to escape to the confines of your car and pretend the day didn’t happen, it’s vital to your happiness and to your career that you foster some sort of relationship with your coworkers.

Bonding with your co-workers can create a more enjoyable work experience. The best way to build each other up as a team is to participate in activities outside of the office. If you think it’s time to take initiative and plan an enjoyable function for you and your coworkers, here are some not-so-lame team building ideas you and your team will love.

  • Room Escape. You’ve probably heard of this team-building activity – franchises have been popping up all over the nation, making this one of the easiest-to-book team building activities ever. The concept of the game is that you and your group must rely on each other to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room in an allotted amount of time. This activity willhelp you and your coworkers build up your communication, leadership, and brainstorming skills as a group.
  • Experimental Art Classes. New York City is chock full of quirky and unique activities, including the experimental art classes you’ll find at Unarthodox. Classes in this studio vary, so you could choose to take a blind-folded sculpting class or a brushless water color class. Regardless of which art experiment you choose to take part in, Unarthodox provides a fun way for you and your group to tap into your creativity skills and learn something new as a team. Plus, classes are usually BYOB so that definitely is a plus.
  • WAKA Kickball. Sign your company up to join the World Kickball Tournament. Sporting events provide a fun way to get together outside of the office during the warmer seasons, and also give you anexcuse to stay physically active. Like gym class, playing sports with your coworkers is a great way to boost company morale, promote leadership and teamwork, and get some exercise.
  • There are countless organizations out there that are always looking for help. Come together as a company and decide on a good cause that you’re all passionate about. Volunteering as a company gives you good feels, helps others in need, and allows your company a moment in the public eye promoting all of the good they’re doing.

Any of these activities are sure to bring you and your coworkers closer together. Who knows, you might even learn something along that way that makes you an invaluable asset to your company. Get your manager to pay for these awesome team-building activities – with any luck, they could be scheduled to occur during office hours. Win!