Media Kit

Brooklyn Happening is Brooklyn’s premier online magazine. Brooklyn Happening provides real-time local coverage of restaurants, events, people, and everything else fun & exciting in the area- online!

Our online network is vast and growing as users turn to Brooklyn Happening each month as their go-to guide. Leveraging social media, e-newsletters, and events, BH interacts with its readers daily.

Interested in advertising throughout the Happenings network? We have options. Email us.

We pride ourselves in the variety of advertising we provide to local business owners- from banner ads, to sponsored content, to integrated e-marketing campaigns. We are confident that you will find a solution that fits your budget and business need. Join our advertising network to gain immediate access to local consumers who are engaged and savvy!

Measurable, scalable, targeted; the beauty of online advertising is many-fold. BH develops customized solutions for each and every sponsor. Check out some of our basic offerings, then contact us to receive your customized solution!

Banner Ads

Placed in the margins of Brooklyn Happening and its sub-sites, these graphic ads are akin to a print magazine ad. Choose from our 3 sizes: 250 x 400, 250 x 250, and 125 x 125.

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Sponsored Content

Beyond the banner ad. BH provides engaging & informative CONTENT-driven advertising. We are innovators in this arena. The advantages of content-driven marketing are many. Sponsored content is not only searchable, but improves your company’s search engine optimization (show up in search engine more often and closer to the top). Whereas banner ads may be able to catch an eye, they are unable to tell a story. Customized sponsored content provides readers with an enjoyable way to learn about who you are and what you do. Further, content allows us to position an advertiser in a targeted fashion- be viewed as a knowledgeable expert in your field, show your fun side, highlight your charitable contributions. The possibilities are endless.

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Seasonal Guide

Seasonal guides are placed on Brooklyn Happening to be a resource to locals for an extended period of time. While each guide varies slightly in format, they always highlight the best events of each season and are consistently viewed for long periods of time. In the past, Happening Media websites have published seasonal and holiday guides.

Social Media

Whether you have adopted social media for your own business, or whether you have never tried it, you have undoubtedly heard about social media in the news and it’s ability to harness large-scale power. Brooklyn Happening can currently be found on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare, and is constantly interacting with its network of locals.

Social media training is also available upon request.

Event Marketing

There is nothing quite like experiential marketing. Partnering with Brooklyn Happening for your event throws a spotlight on your event, instantly making it social online.  Brooklyn Happening offers a range of levels of involvement, from event advertising, to event partnering, to hosting the event.

Brooklyn Happening can:

– Promote your event via website & social media

– Manage contests to build buzz

– Provide photography/video coverage options

– Follow-up posts – get the most buzz for your buck


– Let us support your marketing and promotional efforts with beautiful professional photography.

Additional Services

The sky is the limit with Brooklyn Happening. If you can dream it, we can implement it in your marketing strategy. Just a few of the out-of-the-box services we have provided to other businesses are:

– Countdown clocks

– Change our logo for a day

– Photo shoots

– Live webcasts