MINDING OUR OWN Screens at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

This May, local filmmakers will debut a new short, Minding Out Own at the upcoming Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, which will run from May 13th through 17th. The film is a compassionate portrayal of two families and their quest to understand the world of caregiving. While unearthing relationship dynamics, these unlikely heroes provide an intimate look into what it takes to truly care for another person and is a meditation on life’s surprises as well as its immeasurable rewards.

Filmmaker Inaya Graciana Yusuf directs this visually arresting documentary through the heart of two women, who reinforce the landscape of mother-daughter relationships. The film follows The Brownell Family in New York and The Bartolotta Family in New Jersey over the course of one year as they encounter the changing circumstances of family caregiving. Each story is a window into the intimate lives of families who deal with aging and disability. MINDING OUR OWN unveils the raw emotions that surfaces from the complexity of parenthood, adulthood and partnership, while redefining the meaning of love and friendship.

This screening is a part of The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, a not-for-profit organization that curates a conversation between the new, Brooklyn-based art community, immigrants, transplants and those born and raised in the borough.