The Best Pizzeria in Every State

grimaldis-pizzaToday, Thrillist released an article which listed the best pizzeria in every state.  We scrolled right down to New York to see who the champion of our state was.  Out of the hundreds of thousands of pizza shops in New York, who would it be?  Would it be Grimaldi’s?  How about John’s of Bleecker Street?  How about a place upstate or in The Hampton?  New York is a big place!  Nope, THE BEST PIZZA in all of New York, (and arguably the world…) is Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J!  You can read the article here.  The man they are referring to is Domenico DeMarco, who founded the shop in 1964, and handcrafts each pie with carefully guarded recipes and imported ingredients.  What do you think? Do you agree Di Fara Pizza is the best in New York?  They were also voted in our Happening List 2014 for Best Pizza in Brooklyn.  Find out November 12th when the Food and Drink Category Winners are announced!