Make it Happen: Fight Hunger in NYC

Love Food Soul Project will host an evening of art, food and music, to fight hunger in New York City. The event will be on Saturday February 28, 2015 at Under Minerva, 656 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 with a suggested donation of $25 at the door , and art and food for sale during the event. Proceeds of the event will go towards the New York City Harvest, the country’s first food rescue organization. The Harvest serves meals to 1.4 million food insecure New Yorkers annually.

“If we can be a part of the solution to alleviate hunger we will change the direction of so many lives. We live in a community so when something effects one it effects all of us.” Tiffany Johnson, concerned citizen.

The event will feature artwork from local New York City artists, performances by local musicians and food samples by Rooster’s Caribbean Tapas; a sponsor for the event. A dinner package at Rooster’s will be provided for patrons who choose to donate $50 or more.

Love Food Soul Project aims to raise $2500 to feed 316 children in New York City for one month. Currently 1.7 million New Yorkers live in poverty and nearly 3 million New Yorkers are facing food insecurity. Most of these people are forced to make difficult decisions every day such as choosing between paying the rent and buying food for their families. In these situations the food Pantries City Harvest programs benefit become a lifeline.

“A lot of people can feel alone when they struggle in this city, it can feel so big and impersonal. Our goal with this event is to show that New Yorkers do have that sense of community and are looking out for one another. That feeling gets lost sometimes in such a big city.” said Michelle Perez, one of the concerned citizens working on the project.

“The city is full of emerging and established artists that are reflecting on the current state of our communities through their work. I believe that the showcase will help bring that message to people that are in a position to benefit those in need.” Kyle Williams, concerned citizen.

For presale tickets and informational updates go to Facebook event page

About Love Food Soul Project: A group of concerned citizens. Organized in late 2014, their mission is to work locally to reduce the negative effects of hunger and poverty in New York City.

About Under Minerva: A Park Slope art gallery and event space. The Artists’ Den, beneath the gallery, is a 24 hour art studio space that provides its members with daily work and show space.