Botanic Gardens 2013 Class Scedule

The Botanic Gardens is registering for their 2013 line up of adult classes, and you may be happily surprised by the diversity of offerings.


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If you are looking to try a new hobby or further your knowledge in an area of interest, take a look at The Botanic Garden’s spectacular line up of 2013 classes.  Did you know that you could take a course on urban beekeeping?  How about a course on designing a small urban garden?  That’s not all.  If you are looking to extend your artistic abilities, sign up for their Drawing Essentials or Watercolor for Beginners class.  Explore Chinese culture by taking a Brush Painting class or Tai Chi, or register for their natural perfume blending class and leave with two bottles of your own creation.  Sounds like fun, right?  To select from their full class offerings, click here- Botanic Garden Class Schedule