A Pop Up Dinner for Prospect Park

popup-dinner-lp-2The concept is simple- friends and neighbors dressed in white, gather in Prospect Park bearing food and wine.  Music playing, people dancing.  A celebration.  On June 28th at 7pm, a flash picnic will be held at a location revealed only a few hours prior to the start of the event.  There is also a secret musical guest.  Guests are encouraged to come early, starting at 5pm, to decorate and set their tables with vases, table clothes, candles, etc. Creativity is very much encouraged.   The tickets for the event are on sale now and proceeds benefit The Prospect Park Alliance.  The event is sponsored by Acura.  For more information, click here- http://www.prospectpark.org/calendar/fundraisers/pop-up-brooklyn-dinner/pop-up-dinner-guide