Hidden Cash Social Experiment hits Prospect Park

Hidden-Cash-NYC-San-Francisco-Houston-Las-Vegas-Mexico-City“Hidden Cash”, a pay-it-forward social type experiment, hit Prospect Park and Central Park over the weekend.  Participants followed clues from the Twitter handle @hiddencash to guide them through a scavenger hunt which lead to envelopes of cash.  The game encourages people to use their findings to better their communitie and then of course tweet about it.  Many winners used the money to buy people groceries, contribute toward a charity of their choice, etc.  The experiment was started by a group of investors in San Francisco who treated it as a fun way to give back to the community.  It is unsure how many envelopes of cash were found in the park.  To learn more about “Hidden Cash”, or to view the other cities that participated,  follow them on Twitter!