BK Tourists Urged Not to Love Lock The Bridge

love lock bridgeHundreds of thousands of tourists and natives flock to the Brooklyn Bridge each year to soak up the amazing views of Manhattan’s lower and east sides.  If you have walked the bridge in the past few years, you have surely noticed the amount of “love locks” secured to the joists from visitors professing their love to each other.  As sweet as the concept and some of the messages on the locks are, it is creating a hazard for the 144 year old iconic New York landmark.  The weight of the locks are causing damage and compromising the safety of the structure.  Also, some locks are on parts of the bridge that extend overhead of traffic lanes, and create a hazard should the beam should collapse from weight.  The borough is urging people to stop putting the locks on the bridge.   Some of the locks are already being cut off from the bridge.  This leaves us wondering, what will be the next way people creatively express their love?