Move Over Ciders! Organic, Gluten-Free Kombrewcha Releases the First Hard Kombucha

Want to feel better about having a few beers? Brooklyn-based Kombrewcha is taking your favorite healthy beverage and adding a little kick – a 3.2% ABV to be exact. With 110 calories and nine grams of sugar, the certified gluten-free and organic Kombrewcha is the “healthier alternative to high-calorie cocktails, beer and wine”.

The fizzy fermented tea is currently available in four flavors -Lemongrass Lime, Berry Hibiscus, Royal Ginger and The OG. Mixologists are also utilizing the flavorful beverages as a mixer in cocktails.

You can find four packs at Whole Foods throughout in New York and Miami and also look for Kombrewcha on tap at your favorite local watering holes, including the Syndicated. Cheers!