Sweet Treat of the Week

If you are having a craving for something sweet, you are just a stone’s throw away from some of the best desserts in the world.  There are so many Brooklynites dedicating their lives to creating and serving up sweet treats, which is why we pay homage to them here in our “Sweet Treat of the Week” feature.  Make sure you tell us what your favorite Brooklyn sweet treat is in the comments below!


Sugar Shop, Cobble Hill

254 Baltic Street (and Court Street)

 Sugar Shop Instagram

This week, in search of stocking stuffers, I stopped in at Sugar Shop in Cobble Hill.  This candy shop, conveniently located right off of Court Street, looks like it belongs to Willy Wonka’s gone-rogue-into-fashion daughter.  This trendy and modern shop houses some of the best sweets in Brooklyn, and makes the customer feel as though they are walking into Candy Land.  The staff was very pleasant and helpful while I was making my selections.  I purchased mainly off of their “Made In Brooklyn” table, which I adored.  It featured Tumbador Chocolate, Mast Brothers Chocolate and Brooklyn HardCandy to name a few.  They also carry hard to find candy such as Big League Chew, Charleston Chews, and U-No.  The store also boasts a party room off to the side which looks like a child’s dream!  They host kids parties as well as other events such as baby showers.  We suggest you stop by Sugar Shop soon to pick up some sweets for the holidays!