Scotland Via The L Train

Jura 2It has been said that scotch isn’t exciting; that it’s old, and worse still, boring. Don’t tell that to Jura Brooklyn. In 2013 Jura master distiller Mr. Willie Tait traveled from the small Scottish island to New York with six whisky cask samples and one goal: to craft a world-class single malt scotch whisky by and for the people of Kings County.

With the help of some of the borough’s finest establishments and most influential citizens, Tait created Jura Brooklyn. Aged in American White Oak Bourbon, Amoroso Sherry, and Pinot Noir casks and with notes of smoke, roasted coffee beans, honey, and lush berries, Jura Brooklyn is an ode to rebelliousness and proof that sometimes the best things in life happen when a little rule breaking is involved.

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