Meet the Makers: NUNU Chocolates is based in Brooklyn, NY and dedicated to presenting local, Brooklyn-made products — fashion, home décor, apothecary, children’s toys, edibles and jewelry — all of the highest possible quality. Started with a simple idea, to uncover and offer well designed, hand-made, hard to find goods made in the borough we love – Brooklyn that we wanted ourselves.

Boroughmakers is a celebration of the handcrafted goods made by local makers right in our neighborhood. One of the most exciting aspects of creating and building Boroughmakers is the I have gotten to know the innovative makers and artisans who have turned their passion for quality and well-designed goods into a way of life. I am in awe of their focus, resourcefulness and talent.

In this month’s editorial, “Meet the Makers” Boroughmakers is pleased to take a personal look at Justin Pringle and Andy Laird From NUNU Chocolates.

Meet the team behind NUNU Chocolates

Justine Pringle and Andy Laird started the company in 2007. Andy’s a musician and while the couple were touring he and Justine thought of making custom chocolates to put on the merchandising table alongside the cds, shirts, and concert posters that they already sold. After that they started selling to shops around Brooklyn and were so pleased that many of the shops bought the chocolates. Interestingly, NUNU Chocolates were one of the first members of the Brooklyn Flea being there since the very first weekend of the Flea. They opened their shop on Atlantic Avenue in 2009. And the rest is chocolate history

nunu_salt_caramels_-_open_WEB_grandeThe name Nunu comes from a term of endearment for little children in South Africa, which is where Justine grew up. She was called nunu that by family and friends during her childhood. And when the team were thinking of names, Nunu is the one that resonated best. Actually, it seems like many different cultures use the term or a derivation of it. Justine has heard from people all around the world that say they also use it as an affectionate nickname. And so NUNU Chocolates it was.

With no formal training in chocolate making, their formula for success was simple and as Justine explains “The only trick is to use ingredients that you really like. It’s tough to get something right if you’re not wild about it.”

Which is why the flavors at Nunu Chocolates — hand-dipped salt caramel, prosecco ganache, mezcal chili — don’t follow any food trends. They’re just combinations that Laird and Pringle enjoy. And you will too.

The customers of really love Nunu Chocolates. We are delighted to sell these small-batch goods with the perennial favorite being the hand-dipped salt caramels. A personal Boroughmakers pick is the Booze Box and yes it is a ganache made with booze. Delightful!

We love to celebrate our neighbor’s creativity and NUNU is just proof that innovation is alive and well in Brooklyn!

Author: Barbara Devaney is the founder of, a DUMBO, Brooklyn based start-up ecommerce business which features the best and most innovative handcrafted, small-batch products made by local makers from the borough of Brooklyn. Barbara is native New Yorker, who now lives in the most vibrant borough of Brooklyn. Oh and she loves dark chocolate!