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Boroughmakers is a celebration of the handcrafted goods made by local makers right in our neighborhood. One of the most exciting aspects of creating Boroughmakers is the I have gotten to know the innovative makers and artisans who have turned their passion for quality and well-designed goods into a way of life.  I am in awe of their focus, resourcefulness and talent.

Each month, Boroughmakers will be featuring a “Meet the Makers” editorial giving you an up-close and personal look at a neighbor and Brooklyn maker. Hope you enjoy meeting these makers and neighbors.

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Meet Lexie Ruse of Ruse Goods:

Lexie Ruse

Lexie Ruse

One of these local makers is Lexie Ruse. Lexie is a Brooklyn based lifestyle guru, who has recently launched an artisanal food line called, Ruse Goods. Her first product is Raw Wildflower Honey. Lexie’s honey is sourced from a third-generation beekeeper on a 20-acre farm surrounded by 15 acres of wildflower and clover. A natural collaboration formed between Lexie and the beekeeper that results in the most delectable and naturally flavored raw Wildflower honey.

Raw honey retains all of its natural nutrients giving you maximum health benefits. Honey bought at a supermarket has been refined eliminating much of its natural nutritional value. The process of pasteurizing which is done to supermarket honey means it is heated at 70 degrees Celsius or more then rapidly cooled.

The results are that the honey looks clean. Smooth and is much easier to bottle but loses its delicate aroma, yeast and enzymes with are help to activate vitamins and minerals in our bodies.

With Lexie’s honey, the nutrients remain in the product. With the honey sourced from a beekeeper who believes in natural goodness and a maker who insists on making a honey with the highest possible standard the results are the most delicious, natural artisanal Brooklyn-made raw Wildflower Honey. More raw honey based products are being planned by Lexie and RuseGoods.

Boroughmakers is honored to carry Lexie’s honey on our website and to celebrate our neighbor’s efforts and to tell the story of this creative Brooklyn maker.

Author: Barbara Devaney is the founder of, a DUMBO, Brooklyn based start-up ecommerce business which features the best and most innovative handcrafted, small-batch products made by local makers from the borough of Brooklyn. Barbara is native New Yorker, who now lives in the most vibrant borough of Brooklyn.