Little Miss Rock Bottom Pageant with Shelby Taylor


Local haunt The Creek and The Cave is going all out for its second annual Little Miss Rock Bottom Pageant. Instead of celebrating outer (or even inner) beauty, the pageant is designed to praise the not-so-glitz or glamorous bits of our lives with categories like “Swimwear Walk of Shame” and “Sad Talents”. Last year’s event included local comedian, Dina Hashem, playing a saxophone while her High School marching band photos flashed across a projection screen. The show is complete with a live band, a dirty dance troupe, and drag queens…oh my! The pageant comes at a time when now, more than ever, society has deemed necessary that we redefine normalcy and acceptable behavior. So once again, it’s time to crown the royal delegate of delinquents; Little Miss Rock Bottom 2017.

The event will take place in The Creek’s upstairs venue on Friday, January 27th at 10pm.Tickets are $5 online via The Creek and the Cave’s website and also available at the door.

The Little Miss Rock Bottom Pageant is the fever dream concept of native Louisiana comedian, Shelby Taylor. Taylor never understood why people celebrated wearing 10inch heels and having perfect responses when that never reflected the world around her or the amazing (and imperfect) people she grew up admiring.Taylor created the pageant to show that not only should we not be afraid of our manic meltdowns, our horrifically awkward teenage years, or even our cellulite but rather, we should put them on display and confidently strut those qualities down a runway. After all, being tragically human is nothing to be ashamed of.