Too Much Information: A Comic Art Exhibit

Carroll the Gowanus Underlord

Check out a comic art exhibit by Ariel Cotton on April 6 from 7pm-9pm at Tiny Montgomery, 333 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY!

Cotton is a Brooklyn-based artist, inventor and designer who has shown work at venues such as MoMA and Pioneer Works; been reviewed in publications including The Huffington Post, Make Magazine, and Laughing Squid; and participates as a member of the hacker collective NYC Resistor.

Too Much Information is a comics-focused art show in which Cotton uses her drawings for two purposes: to explore the deluge of information facilitated by the internet and digital media, and to share too much information about herself. Themes in this show include internalized misogyny, gentrification in Brooklyn, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, misadventures in the startup world, narcissism in social media, internet memes, and miscellaneous day-to-day happenings in Cotton’s life. Cotton reflects on it all with varying degrees of snarky humor, questioning, and self deprecation.

The show will be up from now through April 6. Feel free to see photos of the work here: