Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide

559777e9-d2fc-44a6-ab38-506d7daab020With all the countless e-commerce and brick-and-mortar options, holiday shopping just doesn’t seem to get easier. In fact, some may say it has gotten even harder and with all the options it is overwhelming.

In the spirit of the holidays and we know it is far better to give than to receive, has carefully selected the best of locally Brooklyn made treasures. We’ve curated a range of items aimed at (but not limited to) various personalities: the trendy millennial; the the luxury lover, the dapper gent; the rustic minimalist;

A gift that is sure to please is a new soy, hand-poured Charcoal and Oak Candle available at This Binchotan Charcoal (white charcoal) & Oak candle will help remove toxins and fill your room with a delightful scent. Oh, and it burns for over 100 hours! Priced at $41, it makes a special gift.

0cb08153-d912-43b0-8603-d5d44ddf281eFor the luxury lover, then the Pink Himalayan Bath Salts are sure to soothe your minds and your muscles. With a light scent of rose, vanilla, patchouli – these Salts will encourage a restful nights rest.

At $40, luxury is certainly affordable.

3604042f-f494-468e-9efc-cea305f64c8cA just launched new gift from Boroughmakers is the cool, copper flask, making it a welcomed gift by both men and women. At only $35, this flask will bring a smile to anyone (over age 21+) on your gift list.

1edfa551-ab8f-466a-8cc5-2b61be80cf78Looking for a special Secret Santa gift, consider the newly launched Lavender Travel Candle. Pure soy, hand-poured, this candle is the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift priced at only $16.

Shopping will make shopping for your loved ones time well-spent for all of you. Boroughmakers is a Brooklyn based company that supports local Brooklyn based makers and we have lots more carefully curated gifts – Wrapped and ready to gift.

Happy holidays!


Author: Barbara Devaney is the founder of, a DUMBO, Brooklyn based start-up ecommerce business which features the best and most innovative handcrafted, small-batch products made by local makers from the borough of Brooklyn. Barbara is native New Yorker, who now lives in the most vibrant borough of Brooklyn.