Habitat For Humanity Rebuilds Sandy Destroyed Homes

habitatHurricane Sandy rocked our city almost two years ago.  Unfortunately, there is still a lot of rebuilding in areas such as Coney Island.  The Department of Buildings had counted over 23,000 homes destroyed from the storm in South Brooklyn.  Habitat For Humanity recognizes that some residences have yet to be rebuilt, so they are working their way through the area to try and rebuild about 20-30 homes.  A team of about 260 volunteers and construction manager, John Cruz, have started the mission and rebuilt the home of resident Mildred Davis of Coney Island.  She is fully moved in and extremely grateful to be back in her home.  She told The NY Daily News, “I just hope one day I’m able to help one person the same way these volunteers helped me”.  To volunteer in the effort, visit The NYC Habitat For Humanity’s website HERE.

photo credit: NY1.com