The Story of Tim and His Missing Puppet

twitter image- nestor

Tim Kubart is the leader of local Brooklyn children’s band, Tim Kubart and The Space Cadets.  (The band also happens to be nominated in the Happening List for Best Children’s Performing Artist in Brooklyn!  You can vote for them here- On August 6th, Tim lost his $1,500 blue puppet, Nestor, who is used in his performances with The Space Cadets.  According to an article in The Observer, Nestor was created by Sesame Street muppeteer, Frankie Cordero, and has a huge sentimental value for Tim, and his friends and family.  The puppet was last seen in the East Village on Avenue B, somewhere between 8th and 9th Streets.  Tim is offering a $300 Reward for anyone who finds his missing partner in crime.  If you have seen this puppet, contact Tim!  You can follow the puppet’s return home on Twitter with hashtag #bringnestorhome.  This sounds like a great premise for a children’s book!!