Introducing, The “Cragel” Craze

cragelFirst came the Cronut, where thousands of New Yorkers and tourists swarmed to Dominique Ansel Bakery to experience.  Then, the Crogel, a hybrid of a bagel and a croissant, was introduced at Stew Leonard’s grocery stores in Connecticut.  Now, The Bagel Cafe in Williamsburg has introduced the Cragel.  “The Cragel is the marriage of a croissant and a bagel,” Ross Helrich, who is an assistant to The Bagel Store’s owner, told a reporter at “It’s 100 percent happiness.”  Reviewers have said that the flaky glazed baked good is somewhat comparable to a danish.  Although more delicate in texture to a bagel, it still  can be cut like a bagel.  The store says you can spread jam on it, make a breakfast sandwich with it, the possibilities are endless.  A Cragel will cost you $2.95 each.  If you want to go try a Cragel, visit The Bagel Store on Metropolitan or Bedford Ave.