The City Preps for Snow Storm

snowSnow’s here!  And you’re probably thinking, “how is this going to effect my morning commute??”.   If you are a mass transit rider, the MTA will be continuously salting subway/train platforms and stairs, but they are still urging riders to be cautious while traveling.  They have already moved subway and train cars underground to prevent them from getting snowed in.  This will help greatly to prevent morning delays.  The deicers are also ready for immediate deployment.  For bus passengers, the MTA is making sure their path is clear with additional salt spreading trucks.  The buses tires have also already been chained.  If the weather is very severe, bus service will be suspended for safety reasons.  The city is also clearing the bridges and tunnels as best as they can for drivers, and alternate side parking is suspended for tomorrow (1/5).  Stay safe and warm out there Brooklyn!