Brooklyn Porridge Company


What a great day for a cup of porridge!  Brooklyn Porridge Company recently opened a pop up shop in Park Slope on Union Street, and the response from the neighborhood has been wonderful!  Nostalgia fills the shop as people from all walks of life enjoy their hot meal with their choice of toppings.  Customers can choose their base of either oats, amaranth, or grits, and then add toppings like cheese, nuts, fruits, veggies, sauces, and so much more.  Not interested in porridge?  No problem, try one of their Waffletwist Sandwiches, which is a gluten and dairy free Belgium waffle sandwich!  Choose a sandwich combination of either “Fruity” or “Savory”.  The shop has plans to stay put until Spring 2014, but will hopefully continue their residency longer.  For more information on the shop, click here-