The “Braving” Craze Has Hit Williamsburg

morning gloryvilleFirst came the Cronut, the hybrid croissant doughnut.  Now comes “Braving”, the brunch/rave phenomenon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You can go to Morning Gloryville in Williamsburg, and drink your coffee while you get your rave on.  Shape Magazine called in a great way to “Rave Your Way Into Your Day” as it is an excellent workout!  Alcohol is NOT on their menu, this is not your typical late into the night party, nor is it a Lavo type boozy breakfast.  This spot features massages, yoga classes, a dance team leading the movements and a whole lot of positive energy!  Grab a green juice, fruit smoothie, or coffee and get your sweat on!  For more information on the craze, click here-