South African at Madiba Restaurant!

MadibaRecently, I decided to venture a little bit outside of my comfort zone and try some South African food. I gathered two of my girlfriends and we went straight to Madiba Restaurant to see what it was all about. Since 1999, Mark and Jenny Henegan have been serving up traditional South African food in Fort Greene, Brooklyn at Madiba Restaurant. They pay “homage to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and are dedicated to the future of South Africa, a future that promises greater cultural harmony, economic development, and collective enjoyment of ‘a World in One Country’. ”


Not only is this place a fabulous restaurant, they also reinvest a portion of their proceeds to charities in South Africa. So, while you are grubbing on some traditional fare you can also pat yourself on the back for helping to fund charities in South Africa.


This restaurant is so lively and vibrant, it’s hard not to love. Inside the huge space, the music is bumping and the walls are covered with everything that represents South Africa. Outside, there are beautiful wood tables and umbrellas to dine at as well.


I have to admit, at first I was a bit intimidated by the menu. Luckily my friend Michelle, who studied abroad in Africa, was there to guide me through it. The menu features traditional dishes like Curries, Organic Chicken Wings Peri Peri: wings marinated in spicy dried pepper oil with garlic and vinegar, Pap & Vleis: succulent rack of lamb chops served with pap (white cornmeal) and chakalaka and Bobotie: a traditional cape malay curried mince (ground beef) bake with egg custard topping and crisped almonds, served with yellow rice and raisins.


Madiba Restaurant has so much to offer. They server Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and cocktails everyday beginning at 11am. This is a great local hang out spot that is perfect for an afternoon lunch or a late night cocktail and everything on the menu is under $30. Next time you are in Brooklyn check them out and be sure to tell them who sent you…Hungry White Girl!



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