5th Annual Mermaid Lagoon Ocean Benefit Show

Kai Altair

Kai Altair

Brooklyn atmospheric electronic rock artist Kai Altair and The Mermaids of NYC will be hosting their 5th annual Mermaid Lagoon ocean benefit show this February.

Who: Having been featured in top-tier sites including CBS, Time Out, and Rolling Stone Magazine, Kai Altair grew up in the Caribbean and created Mermaid Lagoon as a way to give back to the ocean after receiving so much inspiration from it. The event is co-produced with Dr. Debra Tillinger (climate change educator at the American Natural History Museum) and Ali Luminescent (one of the official “Mermaids of Coney Island”).

What: Ocean benefit variety show featuring musicians, dancers, circus performers, and interactive art installations. Proceeds will be donated to our local Hudson Riverkeeper and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization.

When: Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 9 p.m.

Where: Lot 45, 411 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY (Bushwick)

How: Readers can purchase tickets here.