Meet the Maker: KaKyung of BarSoap Brooklyn


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Boroughmakers is a celebration of the handcrafted goods made by local makers right in our neighborhood. One of the most exciting aspects of creating Boroughmakers is the I have gotten to know the innovative makers and artisans who have turned their passion for quality and well-designed goods into a way of life. I am in awe of their focus, resourcefulness and talent.

In the second of our monthly feature, “Meet the Makers” Boroughmakers is pleased to take a personal look at at KaKung Cho of Williamsburg’s BarSoap Brooklyn.

Meet KaKung Cho

unnamed-1Born in South Korea, KaKyung, came to America in 2001 and discovered the world of handmade soaps. The inspiration for her company and her incredible soaps is: Simplicity, comfort and intimacy. KaKyung creates her soap line with the highest quality ingredients and hand makes her entire line in her home in Williamsburg. All the ingredients are natural and fresh with she never uses any artificial dyes or other additives.

BarSoap Brooklyn products are not only good for your skin but actually make you feel good while using them.

A Boroughmakers’ perennial bestseller is the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL & DEAD SEA SALT Soap. Charcoal has so many detox benefits including its ability to be absorbed into the pores of your skin and draw out dirt and oils that block your pores. Dead sea salt on top of the soap provides magnesium to your skin which helps generate new cells. This soap is slightly scented with a scent reminiscent of the warm glow of crackling wood, blended with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla. A true delight.

Using BarSoap’s charcoal bar consistently on your face can help reduce or eliminate acne, blackheads and keeps your skin looking pure and clean. For the holiday season, KaKong just introduced a cool new line of soaps called the “Equilateral”. Inspired by a gold-dipped earring, the “Equilateral” is a series of unique triangular shaped soaps. The top portion is colored with gold metallic mica, and the bottom portion is naturally colored in blue, pink, black and white.

Some of these natural ingredients include Cambrian blue clay, rich mineral Moroccan red clay and charcoal giving the Equilateral soaps its distinctive colors. Clay. Another benefit is the triangular shape gives you better grip on the soap in the water. The “Equilateral” soaps make a unique gift or housewarming treat. is pleased to carry BarSoap Brooklyn’s products on our website and to celebrate our neighbor’s creativity and resourcefulness.

Innovative is alive and well in Brooklyn!


Author: Barbara Devaney is the founder of, a DUMBO, Brooklyn based start-up ecommerce business which features the best and most innovative handcrafted, small-batch products made by local makers from the borough of Brooklyn. Barbara is native New Yorker, who now lives in the most vibrant borough of Brooklyn.