The Human Citizen Comedy Show at the Art Cafe

In case you haven’t heard, the Human Citizen Show is a brand new “laughcano” of a comedy show, every other Saturday in Prospect Heights! We’re still coming down from the myriad thrills of our first show, and going into our second one feeling bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever. So come on out on December 19th, 9:00 pm, to the beautiful, ever-evolving, and ever-stylish Art Cafe, where we have a lineup that will blow your nose and make you wish there was some way for you to enlist in the Human Citizen Army:

Andy Sandford (Conan, Album “Me the Whole TIme”)
Subhah Agarwal (Modern Comedian, NY Comedy Festival)
Drew Dowdey (Levity Live, Brooklyn Comedy Festival)
Ben Wasserman (Ben Wasserman Tries Hard*)
Nasser Khan (College Humor)

With your hosts, Koshin Egal and Ben Totushek. Saturday, 9:00 p.m. in Prospect Heights, on Pacific between Wachington and Underhill. See you soon!