Escape from the Time Travel Lab – Real Escape Room NYC vol. 2

June 28, 2015 @ 6:30 pm
Real Escape NY
382 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Real Escape NY

Activate the time machine!

You are trapped in the mysterious laboratory, where they claim to study time travel. The door is locked. A lot of hidden clues await you. You wonder if they really managed to travel through time… If you cannot find the key to open the exit, you will drop into the spatiotemporal distortion and disappear forever. Will you be able to escape from the time travel lab?

Max capacity for each game is 11 people. All participants of the same slot will be will be working together as one team to escape. Individual players are also welcome. It is not necessary for participants to make a team of 11 people in order to play.

If you would like to make a team with your friends and do not want other players to join you, please purchase all the tickets of a certain time slot, which is 11 tickets. If you cannot purchase all 11 tickets, it means someone has already purchased 1 or more tickets at that time slot.